Kate Howitt named in Citywire’s top 30 female fund managers


MEDIA RELEASE: For the fourth consecutive year, Kate Howitt has been named in Citywire’s list of the top 30 female fund managers in the world, ranking 29th out of 1,932 female active managers and scoring 240 points.

Kate has been managing the Fidelity Australian Opportunities Fund since 2012. She is the only Australian-based fund manager in Citywire’s top 30, with Citywire’s report “Alpha Female Report 2021” showing that just nine percent of funds domiciled in Australia are run by women.

To develop the report, Citywire analyses the individual monthly ratings of every manager in its database, across all asset classes. Every month a manager carried a AAA-rating was worth six points, while an AA rating was worth 5, and A rating 4, and a + rating 3. These scores were added up over the five years to identify which female fund managers stood out across the world.

“Working in the funds management industry is both a challenge and an incredible privilege. Year by year we’re seeing more women move into investing careers and although there’s a lot more work to be done to attract and retain talent, it’s exciting to see positive change.” commented Kate Howitt.

A sentiment echoed by Fidelity’s Managing Director Alva Devoy – “We’re delighted for Kate and incredibly proud. She’s a fantastic ambassador for Fidelity and the industry. Gender equality and diversity more broadly brings a richness to any company and we’re committed to making that happen.”

Fidelity International supports Future IM/Pact, an industry initiative aimed at attracting more diverse talent into the investment teams of fund managers and super funds in Australia.

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