PritchittBland Communications is a specialist communications and public relations consultancy specialising in the financial services industry.

Our clients include fund managers, financial advisers, fintech companies, accounting firms and industry bodies. We provide a wide range of communications services, with a particular focus on both traditional and digital media strategies. Other services including content creation, social media, issues and reputation management and media training.

Our experience and expertise means we have a proven track record in creating, implementing and managing successful communications strategies for clients that take advantage of existing opportunities as well as creating new ones.

Why we are different

We are a boutique specialist communications consultancy

We cover the full range of financial services media

We have senior, experienced consultants working on behalf of clients

We are strategic

We have extensive financial services knowledge and expertise

We have a strong reputation with journalists

We are open, transparent and honest

We are results-oriented

PritchittBland Communications (formerly Pritchitt Partners) was founded in 2003 by Jim and Claudia Pritchitt, building on Jim’s extensive experience in financial services communications over three decades.

After Jim’s retirement, Claudia continued to grow the business, and was joined by experienced journalist and marketer Leeanne Bland in 2013.

In 2017 Claudia and Leeanne became joint shareholders and directors of the business.

The name was changed to PritchittBland Communications at the start of 2021 to better reflect both the business ownership and the standing of both partners in the financial services industry.

It continues to be at the forefront of providing expert financial service marketing communications in Australia.

PritchittBland Communications is a founding member of the International Financial Communications Group (IFCG) which brings together a global network of experienced public relations and communications professionals.

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